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Western Balkans Institute

Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design


Client: Western Balkans Institute
Category: CSO
Project tasks: Logotype, Visual Identity, Website

We created visual identity and logotype for Civil Society Organization called Western Balkans Institute. Specific elements of the logotype are being used as brand device in the stationary, promotional and advertising materials. Colors were chosen in the consultation with the client. Website was designed to fulfill the need for the constant updating the news part and to be easily accessible for the donators and partners.

WEBIN is a regional organization fostering a greater degree of cooperation in the region and in relation to sectoral policies of interest and European integration issues. WEBIN works in the field of social and economic policies focusing on education, employment, public health and social inclusion while promoting gender equality and good governance. WEBIN activities are oriented toward: the citizens of the Western Balkans countries for the purposes of enhancing their education, awareness, and participation in decision-making processes; national, regional, and local authorities, and other institutions for providing professional support; EU institutions for consultation and information dissemination;

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Design: Sonja Kovačević
ACC: FIlip Marić
Web Development: Andreja Sokolović

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