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Tradicija. Strast. Kvalitet.

Copywriting, Creative Direction, Graphic Design


Client: Apatinska Brewery
Category: Alcohol & Beverage
Project tasks: Corporate Slogan and Ad

Corporate Slogan is communicating:
a) Size of the company
b) Its great, over 250 year-long history
c) Market leader position in the country
d) Responsible approach towards customers and nature
e) Passion in beer production
f) Connection with the consumers
History / Tradition / Experience
Quality / Responsibility
Inspiration / Passion / Challenge
Chosen proposal - new corporate slogan:

SERBIAN: Tradicija. Strast. Kvalitet.
ENGLISH TRANSLATION (NOT USED): Tradition. Passion. Quality.

Three words slogan consisely represents three most important characteristics of the company with one word each: one fact, one epithet and one statement.

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Design: Sonja Kovačević
ACC: Filip Marić
Copywriting: Filip Marić
Photography*: Tatjana Krstevski
* Disclaimer: Historical pictures are taken from the archives of the brewery and belong to the Apatinska pivara.

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