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Office Branding: Apatinska HQ Belgrade

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Interior Design

2013 & 2014

Client: Apatinska Brewery
Category: Alcohol & Beverage
Project tasks: Corporate Office Branding


We are very proud and excited to present our latest project - Branding for HQ of Apatinska pivara (leading brewery company in SEE region) in Belgrade. The complete interior and organizational redesign adn repositioning came at the beggining of the year so we had the opportunity to create the designs from the scratch. The core of the brief from the client was to incorporate the culture of the owner (Molson Coors) and the breweries identity and to create an inspiring and fresh, but not "overbranded" design.


Meeting rooms were asociated with core brands on the market (Jelen, Nikšićko, Staropramen, Apatinsko), hallways, lobbies and reception had Molson Coors and Apatinska branding mixed. There were also brainstorming, Vip and Sales room, each with different design and concept.


The reception was completed with the world map made from the beer caps (from different brands of the brewery) which was manually installed with the projection mapping.


We included some of the sketches and couple draft designs that didn't make the final cut but that we think are interesting to present to the public.


AD&D: Goran Pandža

Design & Illustration: Sonja Kovačević, Irena Malić, Aida El-Attar Vilalta

ACC: Filip Marić

Photography: Goran Pandža

Production partners: Studio M, Perollo

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