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Obrenovac Summer Festival

Animation, Creative Direction, Graphic Design


Client: Civic Initiatives
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Festival Identity, Social Media and Animation Design
Year: 2014

Obrenovac was Serbian town which suffered the greatest damage by the unprecedented floods in May 2014. Most of the population has been evacuated to safety. It is still in the proccess of reconstruction and much of the activities that were organized previous years were caled off.

Civic Initiatives decided in colaboration with other partners to organize a 5-day festival called "Summer in Obrenovac" in order to show local people (young population especially) that they are not forgotten and that people from all around the country still trying to help in any way possible. Lot of companies decided to donate their products and the festival was a great success.
We have designed logotype, social media material (covers, thumbnails, images etc.) and created animation that was aired on MTV couple of days before and during the festival.

Photography: Vukašin Ljuština, Nemanja Tačić

D&AD: Goran Pandža
Design: Kristina Radovanović, Sonja Kovačević, Irena Malić, Margareta Nedeljković
ACC: Filip Marić
Animation, Voice-over and Sound Design: Miloš Ivanović

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