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Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design


Client: Apatinska Brewery
Category: Alcohol & Beverage
Project tasks: Annual Planner

After the "all-white" appearance last year, we wanted to create something tottaly different this time. Main idea was to create an elegant and user-friedly kind of notebook, with the main design focus being put on the cover. Everything we demanded from our printing and bookbinding partners was successfully implemented, which was important since the final look was based on the technical perfection. Also, we had a privilege to work directly to the importer of the material, so it was easy to work out the best solution for the material/foil combination. Client finally decided to order more that originally planned, and also to create a beige/black combination which was created using the same method and materials.


AD&D: Goran Pandža

Design: Sonja Kovačević

ACC: Filip Marić

Printing and Bookbinding: Grafovid (special thanks!)

Material and foil distributer: Belgravia (special thanks!)
Material used: Skivertex Matara
Foil: Leonhard Kurz

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