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KOCD Budget Campaign

Branding, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Web Design, Production


Client: Kontakt Organizacije Civilnog Društva - Civil Society Focal Points
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Branding, Visual Identity, Guerilla Campaign, Website Design

We were commisioned to create logotype, visual identity and basic stationery material for the NGO coalition. Main goal of the coalition is to work with grassroots groups in various parts of the society, so we wanted to create visual identity that could represent the specific mix of the topics and issues. Since the name of the coalition was an acronym, we were focused on the visual part of the logotype. Chosen logotype was inspired by movement and diversity, adapted in a way it could be used for campaign purposes and with clear identity that contained color patterns, usable in many different ways.

Main project task, apart form the identity, was to create and manage activities for the advocacy campaign of the KOCD organization. Main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the people for the topic of budget control and public spending. Budget was limited, and the focus was to promote the project all over the country. We decided to create two main parts of the campaign, the print and the web one. Whole idea was to encourage people to send letters to decision makers, demanding better budget control and expressing a right to know any information regarding this subject. Plan was to get people involved with print material that only had "visit" written all over it. People visited website in huge numbers, they could watch the video which was made for the occasion, with storyboard, illustrations and animation done specialy for the project. Design of the campaign was based on the branding and visual identity previously created by de:work. Every aspect of the identity was well balanced and respected. Production of the campaign was also part of the project plan, as well as coordination of all the parts. Contracting young people from different social groups for the production and realization was an important part of the project.

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Design: Sonja Kovačević, Irena Malić
ACC: Filip Marić
Copywriting: Filip Marić
Sound Design: Miloš Ivanović
Voice over: Miloš Ivanović
Animation Design: Miloš Gojković
IT: Atrrios

TNX: Lord of Posters, Free climbing kids, Nikola Stevanović, Vladimir Radović and Scott Xtensen

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