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It's not about luck

Creative Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Copywriting


Client: Apatinska Brewery
Category: Alcohol & Beverage
Project tasks: Identity, Stand Design, Ad, Notebook, Leaflet and Cup

Annual Trainee Program is being organized by Apatinska Pivara (Apatinska brewery), for fresh graduated students with no experience. Having in mind the popularity of the program and the specific position and image that brewery has in Serbia, its being promoted on job fairs, career days and similar events, as well as online and in print material. We were commisioned to create project visually different to one we did previous years. Whole image was chaged due to the fact that our client has become a part of Molson Coors company and their visual identity is being promoted at the moment, so this was a perfect opportunity to spread look&feel of the new company.

We changed products, so this year we designed small notebooks for people that entered the program, leaflets and tea cups. Classic digital ad was also published. Bigest difference was in the stand design. This year we opted for the metaphorical “pub” association, which connected both core business and “work hard – play hard” philosophy that is being promoted in the brewery. Openness and friendly approach was important. It was sugely successful and it attracted lots of attention to the stand and the program itself. Main copy was “Its not about luck”, which stands for the meritocracy and fair approach towards employment policy

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Design: Sonja Kovačević
ACC: Filip Marić
Copy: Filip Marić

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