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Ino agency

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design


Client: Ino Agency
Category: Education and Consultancy
Project tasks: Visual Identity

Ino Agency is the fastest growing Balkan agency working in the fields of International Education and Admission Preparation. We have extensive network or contacts with clients throughout the SEE regions, preparing students for admission process and internships. Also we are working as the intermediate point for students and private universities. Ino Agency runs 3 regional sites on education and work abroad: Kako na master (in Serbian), Kako na Posao (in Serbian) and Studimet Jashte Vendit (in Albanian) which are seen as the main source of information for anyone aiming to study abroad.

We were commisioned by the client to create logotype, visual identity and basic promo material. Main goal of the project was to design identity that would be modern, clean, sharp and effective. Naming of the company made this work more interesting because of the versatility and flexibility that we were able to add to our approach. It was pleasure to work with the client that gave us freedom to be as creative as possible.

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Design: Sonja Kovačević
ACC: Filip Marić

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