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IKEA Communication Guide

Art Direction, Illustration, Video


Client: IKEA

Category: Furniture Retail
Project tasks: Internal communication package

IKEA asked us to create new communication guide campaign that would consist of guide (digital and printed), video and invitation for an event. Our main idea was to create something interesting, related to the new communication channels that are now bases for the information flow. Guide was very visually inviting, fresh and simple based on the illustrations and infographics. Video on the other hand was based on the screenplay that had co-workers in everyday situations but portrayed in an, different, humorous way. We worked on the screenplay together with the client to get the tone of voice that would be most appropriate for the company. Filming lasted three days on the company premises, and post-production with animation finished on time to be presented on the campaign kick-off in December 2016. We are very proud and delighted to be part of this project.

AD&D: Goran Pandža

Design: Irena Malić

Filming & Post production: Marko Vuković (Web TV)

Editing: Milan Maletić

ACC: Filip Marić, Vladimir Hofman

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