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Don't Drink and Drive 2013

Creative Direction, Exhibition Design, Animation, Video


Client: Apatinska Brewery
Category: Alcohol & Beverage
Project tasks: CSR Campaign - TVC, OOH and Stand Design

The expectations are high when the most visited festival in South East part of Europe meets the CSR project of the biggest brewery in the region. We had to meet these expectations and to create campaign and interesting content-driven stand within the Belgrade Beer Fest that is going to interest people in the subject of the "don't drink and drive" topic. We began with TVC that this year was completely changed from the last one. We used the "geniuses" theme, including the most respected and well-known people from the science history, and communicated the message that you don't have to be genius to know that when you drink you don't drive. Billboards and the OOH campaign followed the TVC.

Stand on the Beer Fest was the grand finale of the campaign. It is important to stress that this type of festivals are huge and oversized in every sence. Having that in mind, we had to create something that attracts attention. With the total of 12m2. So the idea was to build something funny, something that people would want to be part of and participate without spending too much money. We designed a driving polygon, with branded remote driven cars, environment, bridge and ads. Participants were obligated to take reflexes test and they wore Drunk Busters Goggles. It was huge success and the stand attracted great ammount of attention.

TVC Storyboard:
From time to time people get really good ideas, ideas that change the world.
When I go to party, everything clicks - music is good, my friends are with me, and my favorite beer.
But I don't have to be a genius to know that every time I drink I don't drive - because I don't want to spoil fun.
Wait for a bus, call a cab, take a walk, call a friend.
When I drink I don't drive, Apatinska Brewery

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Copywriting: Sonja Kovačević
ACC: Filip Marić
Sound design: Miloš Ivanović
Animation: Miloš Gojković
Printing: Studio M
Technical help: Branislav Škundrić, Radisav Marić

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