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EuroVelo6 App

Branding, Art Direction, App Design


Client: Danube Competence Center
Category: Tourism
Project tasks: App Design

Our most complex and interesting project in the field of application design was The Danube Cycling Route App. It consisted of more than 50 different information points for the bikers that are travelling alongside Danube and every point had its pictogram.

We have also created an identity extension the EV6 logotype and the identity of the app as well as all of the screens. App has more than 5.000 downloads so far.


This is a must have app for all the cyclists that plan to spend few days on the wheels riding long distances along the Danube. Based on the data European Cyclist Federation collected during EuroVelo 6 route assessment, this app will provide you with dozens of useful information either while you’re riding or planning your route


Main features:

- GPS data for Danube Cycle Route – almost 3,000 km long part of EuroVelo 6 that follows the Danube from Black Forest until Black sea

- Let’s ride – riding mode in which the data is shown automatically while you’re riding, based on your location

- Route planner – planning mode where the data is shown based on selected starting point and chosen direction, ideal for getting quick overview what to expect on the road within following kilometres

- Main / all data switch – choose whether you want only main or all data to be shown; main data is collected on 1km basis and it will provide you with crucial info such as road type and width, surface material and quality, riding direction, observed traffic congestion and speed limits for motorized traffic (in case you’re sharing the road). Other data is usually collected on 5km basis and includes 11 additional data categories.


App is available for download on both Apple and Android stores.

D&AD: Goran Pandža
ACC: Filip Marić

App Development: We are Presta 

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