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COP 20

Creative Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design


Client: United Nations Framework Convetion on Climate Change
Category: NGO & Activism
Project tasks: Exhibition Concept, Design & Production

United Nations Framework Convetion on Climate Change contacted us with the intention to design new slates for the convention on climate change in Lima, Peru in december 2014 - COP20. We designed new slates (panels) and they were presented in the same way as the one last year which proved one of the concept points of the solution: Modularity.
Just as a reminder, the concept of the exhibition was based on 3 main focal points:

Crossroads / World is on the crossroad regarding the climate change situation. We used the symbol of the crossroad at the exhibition frames /
Flow & Modularity / Clients request that the exhibition needs to be modular and transferable mixed with the idea that everything needs to be reusable /
Sustainability / We have planned and created everything from the used and recycled wood /

We are hoping that we will make just a small drop in the ocean of change, regarding the most important issue of our generation. Eagerly waiting for Paris 2015.


AD&D: Goran Pandža
ACC: Filip Marić

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