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ALL FOR ONE Infographic

Branding, Icon Design, Illustration


Project task: Infographic
Year: 2013

Infographic design is certainly one of the most engaging challenges that creative business can offer and we are always pleased to participate in projects of this type every time we have opportunity. This time we had task to create infographics based on the topic of teambuilding, company activities outside the workplace and fun among the colleagues. We wanted to design interesting and funny icons for various elements and aspects of the event, with a humorous reference to a number of situations, such as sports, social life, entertainment and so on. Special focus was put on the characters as we wanted to create different characters for each segment of the infographic. In this presentation we highlighted the design of the most important ones.

AD: Goran Pandža, Sonja Kovačević
Illustration: Sonja Kovačević
Graphic Design: Kristina Radovanović
ACC: Filip Marić

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