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Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design


Client: EU Tempus Project
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Branding, Identity and Design

The project task was to design unique visual identity for the project that is primarily based on the agricultural studies and education methodology. AGRIVOC project is being implemented by one consortium composed of 16 members from 5 countries. The project focuses on the improvement of vocational studies in agriculture (horticulture, animal husbandry, viticulture, farming and crop protection), and food technology. The project aims to upgrade the knowledge base and practical ability of students to work in agricultural and food related field by improving the curriculum of courses, subjects and methods of teaching and by developing the in-house students' training programmes. Universities, schools and institutes from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia are part of the project. Main goal of the visibility campaign was to raise awareness of the people that are working or studying in the field or connected to the focus area. Project includes design and creation of website, various promo materials, events and publications.

AD&D: Goran Pandža

Design: Sonja Kovačević

ACC: Filip Marić

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