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Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Print Design


Client: Civic Initiatives
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Exhibition Concept, Print Design, Frame Construction and Event Management

We were commisioned to create concept for an exhibition that marks seven years of collaboration between our client Civic Initiatives and their partner - ISC / USAID. Apart from concept, our job was to design panels that where printed on foam, create wooden frames and postulates, create 4 small video clips and coordinate everything. We had 7 days to create all of that, in a venue that we already new, which made things a little bit easier. At the end, event/exhibition was visited in large numbers with most of the members of NGO sector in Serbia attended.

Concept&Design: Goran Pandža
Design and Music for the Venue: Sonja Kovačević
ACC: Filip Marić
Video and Sound Editing: Milos Ivanović
Special Thanks: Scott Xtensen / Ivan Antović / Jelena Ožegović

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